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📱💾 Animated Gif Wallpaper - Bitcoin Computer Monitors - 2000x1500 HD [2 Versions Included]

Last Updated: 2 years ago

Old computer monitors in a junkyard... still running bitcoin after 10+ years. Watching, validating, protecting. Matrix green theme.

Great wallpaper to store on your phone and set the school computers to it...🤭

💾 Includes 2 Files (2 Versions)
💾 Animated GIF Wallpapers
💾 HD Quality

You will need to figure out how to set an Animated Gif as wallpaper; we don't assist in that but there are ways for most every computer/device/OS. If you think you can't do it, go check out the Static(regular) versions that can be set as wallpaper as normal.

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