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A new VR adult game, but not like the others :
You are a cop dragged into a case you didn't ask for - But your boss is very persuasive - Few minutes later, you head to the house where the hostage is held, the rescue won't happen without a blood bath, for sure you'll get rewarded, but at what cost ? "Grab your weapon and experience a fast paced gun fight action, interactive sex, driven by a story : "The Rise of RoboCock".

  • Your partner looks at you, follow you with her head and eyes, react when you touch her body, interact with her cloths, physics breast, hair... You can also change sex position by moving some specific point on her body - The woman genitals are textured and interactive as well.

  • Make Love and not War ? After finishing the game, you'll access a special room where you'll be able to choose the scenes you want to play again, with the partner of your dream, choosing her Cloth, Skin, Hair, Breast, Eyes... ) Soon you'll get access to a a peaceful place where you can spend time with her without being interrupted.

Gameplay :

  • Play in 3 difficulties : Easy, Normal, Hard
  • Realistic weapon system, reload the gun with a magazine, cock the gun, count your bullets.
  • Death is quick, take your time or be very fast, the reward is worth it...

USD 15.00

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