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Real Estate Video Editing

Last Updated: 9 months ago

Are you looking for a professional Real Estate video editing service that can deliver in 24-48 Hours or faster? (we can also create a photo montage of your video)

You came to the right location!
300 Seconds Running Time
Video Footage
Background Music
5 Highlight text and cinematic Edit
We can help with:
-Cinematic professional edit your real estate video
-Color correction
-Camera shake removal ( Depends on your footage )
-Sharpness adjustments ( Depends on your footage )
-Background noise removal
-Defective pixel correction
-Aerial footage editing
-Export to different platforms
-Slide Show

If your file is over 2gb? Please contact us directly
This is a difficult process, so please take a minute to give me a description of what exactly you are looking for or things to highlight and not highlight.
Contact via WhatsApp us before ordering

From USD 95.00

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Manual Delivery
24 hours