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Ex Gamer's Solution for Gaming Addiction

Last Updated: 4 months ago

Do you or someone you love suffer from addiction to gaming?

Have you missed out on time with the family due to playing video games?

Have you spent countless hours wasting the day away playing games? Or all-night? Or even for several days?

I know, we have all been there. A little fun is not going to hurt anyone, right?

Gamers can spend several hours a day playing games. This can take time from your kids, spouse, and family.
It can create unneeded turmoil with your loved ones and cause you to miss out on family activities.

If you or a loved one suffers from gaming addiction, you owe it to yourself to read this book.

The Gamer's Relief was developed and written by an ex-gamer who was on the brink of losing it all.

In this book, you will learn:

The First Step- Admitting There Is A Problem

What Sets You Off

About Discipline

Developing Willpower

Planning Your Recovery

While gaming on a hand-held platform, a PC, or a TV, the games
might supply hours of quiet fun. The games might advance PC skills
and greater eye-hand coordination.

Find out the downsides of gaming. Take these warning signs and compare to your current habits (or a loved one's).

"There are any number of causes why someone will deny that he or she
has a dependency issue. A few causes have to do with... THIS!" (See Pages 7-8)

"The reasons many people have a gaming addiction is because of... THIS... (See Page 9)... and doing THIS (Page 9-10) will help the gamer recognize the issue."

"If you can't go through the day without a game controller, you might be... doing THIS to yourself (See Page 11)... and not even know it!"

"The areas that serve as things that may set up cravings to return to the addiction include... (See List on Pages 14-15)"

"By developing these 2 powers (See Page 19) one becomes witting of the inner, subconscious urges, and derives the power to eliminate them when
they're not for his/her own good."

"Here are some exercises to help you overcome your subconscious resistance, school your
brain to obey you, beef up your inner powers and gain inner strength." (See Page 22)

... And so much more!!!

This book will give you many tricks to use to help guide you through the phases of combating the gaming addiction.
While it won't cure the problem overnight, it WILL arm you with weapons you will need to combat these demons, for the
price of a cup of coffee.

Help yourself, or a loved one, who suffers from the grips of gaming addiction by getting this book today!