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McAfee Internet Security 1 Device 5 Years Key GLOBAL

Last Updated: 2 years ago

McAfee Internet Security 5 Years / 1 PC


Windows Version


McAfee Internet Security - Comprehensive, real-time anti-virus, anti-malware, firewall, spam filters, and parental controls, plus automated file backup to our safe deposit box in the cloud.

People want to enjoy the benefits of connecting, surfing, and shopping online and don't want to think about security risks. At McAfee we live and breathe digital security, relentlessly working to stay several steps ahead of the bad guys. Every second of every day, we focus on one thing: keeping your digital life safe, so that you can surf, shop and socialize online with confidence.

Key features
Powerful PC Protection

Stay safe from Trojans, viruses, spyware, rootkits, and more, with state-of-the-art anti-malware protection

Stop worrying about performance hits—the advanced scanning engine checks for threats quickly without compromising battery performance

Keep zero-day threats and botnets at bay—McAfee ActiveProtection and NetGuard technology have you covered

Spam and Dangerous Email Filter

Make sure dangerous and annoying emails never make it into your inbox with McAfee's most accurate filter yet

Effective Parental Controls

Block inappropriate sites and set time limits for Internet use

Check user login times, attempts to access forbidden sites, and total time spent online

See what your kids have been up to online with a detailed usage report

Privacy and PC Optimization Tools

Find and patch holes in Windows and applications with McAfee Vulnerability Scanner

Enhance your PC's performance by deleting unnecessary files with McAfee QuickClean

Securely destroy sensitive files, such as tax documents, with McAfee Shredder

In order to redeem your key:
Go to activation page: https://home.mcafee.com/secure/Redeemcard/Ecards.aspx?affid=0&pkgid=272%2c273&cid=66783&ctst=1&pir=1

Enter the product key.
Follow the on-screen instructions to get set up with McAfee.

USD 1.99

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3 hours

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