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Angel Investing with $100

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Last Updated: 3 months ago

"Investing" can be an intimidating word and a foreign concept to many. In this motivational guide to creating wealth for the forgotten investor, Joseph Lizyness bolsters the investing process through his direct, comprehensible guide.

See how to build generational wealth with only $100 and overcome the barriers standing between you and your retirement. Imagine looking forward to your retirement, knowing that you have successfully taken personal control of your financial standing.

Using the techniques outlined in this book, you will learn how to build generational wealth, fund your retirement, and continue to enjoy returns on your investments. You will learn how to take advantage of the JOBS Act of 2012, which will allow you to invest more aggressively than ever before. With original research and plenty of encouragement, Lizyness can help anyone enjoy larger returns on investments by outlining the newly created Regulation Crowdfunding and Regulation A+ offerings that will challenge you to build generational wealth.

Because we live in such a turbulent time, now more than ever, learning how to invest will help you take control of your financial standing. In a world where investing is viewed as a game limited to the Silicon Valley elites, the average American is misinformed about which sectors are worth investing in and lack familiarity with the leading equity crowdfunding platforms.

In this book, you will discover new investment opportunities and develop new skillsets to overcome financial challenges that you may be currently facing. There is no need to wait to invest until you have thousands or feel financially stable. With $100, you can change your life.


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A must-read if you're interested in angel investing and creating generational wealth!

6 months ago