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Selected Poems: Jonathon Best

Last Updated: 3 years ago

This collection is not chronological, but rather separated into loose categories in a way which I feel best tells the journey I have taken over the last nine years.

Part one begins in a dark world of monsters, war and evil. It is a montage of visions, the main source being nightmares, lucid dreams, powerful music, and the lingering atmospheres of some artworks. A few poems retain references that you may recognize.

The second part is my clawing attempt to climb above the gloom. In these poems I explore new ways of thinking whilst questioning the old ones. I feel that this was a rather defining chapter in my life, and it went hand in hand with a large amount of philosophical debates, sociological criticism and alcohol. There’s also a scattering of wishful thinking, as I escape to places either off-world or in my own mind, searching for a way to rebuild everything from scratch.

Part the third contains a lot less dreaming. It reflects my love for travel, despite not having a proper understanding of why I do it. These poems are my way of trying to find out why, as well as displaying a few unrealistically ideal outcomes and asking the ultimate question - Is reaching one of those outcomes the purpose of my life?

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