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Buy 4000 Watch Hours for YouTube

Last Updated: 3 months ago

Buy 4000 Watch Hours and get your channel monetized!

  • Delivery completed in 2-3 weeks

  • Manually set

  • Our real campaign formula: Super high retention views mixed with real views from native ads

  • Lifetime Guarantee* (Means no drop but it it does, even if it happens in one year, we will add new hours)

  • Simply give us channel link and we will do all the job. If there is one specific video you want to promote, you can include the url's

  • Lifetime guarantee applies as long as you don't delete the videos where we set campaigns. Remember that if you delete a video, you will also lose the watch time


  • At least 5 Videos
  • Original content (if you do not have original content YouTube will not approve the channel, so make sure you have a channel eligible for YouTube Partner Program)

USD 269.00

Bitcoin Wallet
Manual Delivery
24 hours