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ONETAP V4 CONFIGS (HvH + Legit) - Fl1cks (Recording Cfgs)

Last Updated: 1 month ago

  • This is a compilation of every single v3 config in my Onetap folder, and , there is no way you can't find something you enjoy out of all of these.....

  • Contact me if you have any issues

  • Includes legit and HvH for onetap v3

-Includes HvH configs as seen in recent videos including the javascripts

  • Most Javascripts are public on the forums, as i've told people many times, but I through them in if you don't feel like looking, there might only be 1 private javascripts maybe? I don't recall

  • On discount, till I find room to finish improvements in the HvH and Legit configs ( Need to find HvH games where I don't just win, and need to legit games where there's semiragers)

  • Updated for 2021 Onetap v4

USD 6.99

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