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Olga’s Kitchen Gift Card $100

Last Updated: 2 years ago

$100 Olga\'s Kitchen E-Gift Card Code.
Once you receive the codes just download the \"stocard\" app, add it and it will generate a barcode for you. Once you go to the store you just show your phone to the cashier, she will scan the barcode and you are done :-)
I personally check EVERY SINGLE code i send out before i send it to verify balance. Try not to have them for too long before using.
IMPORTANT Please release escrow in a timely fashion to ensure repeat business. I will not let someone re-order from me without first releasing escrow on their previous order. This is to my discretion.
I usually hook up my repeat customers with extra $$$
Hey no refunds only replacements

USD 5.00

Bitcoin Wallet
Manual Delivery
24 hours