The Art of The red of Rose (Two Characters)

Last Updated: 1 year ago

You can commission to have artwork created by The Red Of Rose. The image you see is an example of what the illustration could look like.
When you are interested in making a purchase you can message me on Coinmall, at, or you can contact me at [email protected] (make sure the subject of the message pertains to the type of order you want to establish).
Please try to do that before you make a purchase as once a purchase is made The Red of Rose will begin work and if we do not have the proper information to start the order will be cancelled.
The finished artwork will be obtained in digital form at a predetermined address that will be provided to you when the transaction phase completes.

Note: When we acquire the funds we are obligated to deliver your product under any circumstance in digital form. If in the event that you have difficulty acquring the artwork you must send me a message telling me so, let me know what commission was so I can fetch it and deliver it accordingly.

USD 353.36

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1 week