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Minecraft Premium – PC / MAC – ACCESO COMPLETO – Java E

Last Updated: 2 years ago

hese are Unmigrated accounts, they are transferred to your mail and you will have full access in Minecraft, to play Online, Offline, Change skin, Password, User, etc.
The account will be your property and only your property until you decide to share it with someone.

    1) When you buy you have to send me a message on bitify, with the mail you want to configure the Game
  • You can not configure two games in the same mail *
    2) Done this I will send you a confirmation message that your game has been configured to your Mail
    3) Enjoy your game;) Easy not?
    Frequent questions:
    Is the game complete?
    Yes, it is the Java version and it is downloaded from the Minecraft website
    How long does it take to get there?
    Most times I respond to 5 minutes. Max: 2 hours;)
    Is it a Physical product (DVD)?
    It is not a physical product so do not wait for the game in the mailbox of your house. There is no Minecraft on CD or DVD
    Is it difficult to acquire the game?
    Of course not: v, It's like going to buy bread: D
    Dog or Creeper?
    shhhhhhhhhhhHHHH: O PUMMMMM !!!!