Sephora Accounts


Sephora Account
How to use:
1- Use the email and password you receive to login to the Sephora mobile app.
2- After you login, there will be a points tab, under which you'll find an option to show card.
3- Click on this to receive your barcode.
4- The cashier will scan this when you are claiming your points.
How to Order:
Price is for every 300 Points.
Examples: If you want to order account with 600 points you need to buy 2 of this item! (for $14)
If you want to order account with 3000 points you need to buy 10 of this item! (for $70)
Accounts with up to 20K points
Delivery: 1 Hour : 24 Hours
Please feel free to ask questions.

USD 7.00

Bitcoin Wallet

  • Delivery: Manual Delivery
  • Escrow: 24 hours
  • Stock: 999