Sculpt any model for 3d printing and send with USPS

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Last Updated: 8 months ago

If you need a 3D model for your game or 3D prints, I can create any anything you need.
In order to get the perfect Sculpt ------> SEND ME A CLEAN AND SIMPLE DESCRIPTION. A very simple sketch it's always the best solution.

Details that are not included from start in description, it comes with extra costs.

Communication: If you have any issues, discuss and resolve than leaving a bad comment ... More then happy to improve my services.
Your Activity it's very important: If I don't get a single feedback , and you want changes after I delivery the final version, you have to order new revision.(2 included revisions, have validation only if you are active).

I am off on Sunday

I reserve the right to publish the work on my portfolio

Important !! Revisions can delay deadline

If you're not happy with the logo design there's a REFUND option.
ONLY FOR PaypaI and Credit card (powered by s t r i p e) payment

Chosee Variant and fill the exact amount based on your order and shipping price in "Pay What You Want"

We will confirm your order and email you under 24hours.


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