GTA Online Cayo Perico Heist Boosting

Last Updated: 4 weeks ago

  • after you purchase, make sure to contact me either by discord or by email and make sure to have proof like the toffee invoice id with you.

discord: (fast response if im online)
email: [email protected]

  • for each of this package, you recieve 5 heists which should be about 10 million GTA$, and some rp from the heist
    i obviously will be using mods to speed up the heist process, and will be able to spawn you vehicles to use during the heist

all you will have to do is provide your social club name, and you will be invited by my barcode account.
after deciding a suitable time when we can both play, i will invite you to a cayo perico heist.

you will be getting the max cut from the heists, and the best loot will be chosen for the heist.
all setups are done instantly through mods so we can do multiple heists quickly.

USD 3.00

Bitcoin Wallet Bitcoin Wallet
Manual Delivery
24 hours