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The Fundamentals of Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies Course

Last Updated: 3 years ago

The Technology of Blockchain is called The Game changer, Disruptive, or Agent of Transformations. Today Blockchain is studied by progressive governments, leading corporations, and global leaders. And the effect of the implementation of Blockchain is compared with the changes caused by the appearance of the Internet.

Every day, more than a million dollars are investing in Blockchain projects*, ICO collects tens of millions USD in a matter of hours, and the common capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is approaching to $650 billion.

Leading experts argue that Blockchain technology will change business, transform the economy and streamline relations between people.

This course will allow you to understand how the crypto-currencies & digital tokens are organized, how the blockage works, why it is popular, where the business is in it, and what role is assigned to each of us.

In this course you will learn how projects with implementation of blocking and crypto-currency are being created, are working and being monetized today; As well as the implementation of the block chain in public administration (Govtech), banking systems (Fin Tech), Intellectual Property, Trading, Media, Retail, Medicine and other areas.

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